Inaris Solution for Ocilion Products

Ocilion is an Austrian provider of end-to-end IPTV solution to carriers and network operators in Europe. To keep pace with new standards and consumer demands, Ocilion constantly improves its software and develops new features. The innovation and the highest quality software have been valued by their customers since 2004.

For many years now, we have been Ocilion’s partner, deploying parts of our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution into their products which are based on Broadcom chipsets. Consumers already benefit from established features like EPG, Teletext, Subtitles, PVR (Personal Video Recording), Replay TV, VoD (Video on Demand) and numerous other interactive services.

Feature Set

Live TV and Radio - IPTV and DVB-C incl. standard features like Subtitles and Teletext
EPG - The Electronic Programme Guide
Replay TV - Catching up on already aired stuff
PVR - Personal Video Recording
VoD - high quality VoD content
We really appreciate to work with TARA Systems as an integration partner for our client devices. We can rely on getting high-quality software on time.
Hans Kühberger — CEO
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