Excellence in Embedded CE Software

Excellence in Embedded Software

TARA Systems is a technology driven software company providing components and services for embedded systems in the field of consumer electronic, industrial, automotive and mobile devices. We focus on reliable solutions for digital TV reception as well as graphical user interface tools and developments. More than 25 years of experience in these domains enable us to offer our customers high quality innovative products.


Inaris on Amazon Fire TV

May 2015: Inaris now runs on Amazon Fire TV (and TV Stick) which is powered by Android 4.4 AOSP.

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Embedded Wizard at HMI Developers' Forum

May 2015: At our booth we presented some Embedded Wizard demo applications on new platforms. And Manuel Melic gave a presentation on "Best Practices in Embedded GUI Development".

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Embedded Wizard V6.51

March 2015: With the new version 6.51 of Embedded Wizard we meet the demands arising from the latest projects in the industrial and consumer electronics domains.

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Products & Services

Inaris TV Software

Inaris DVB / IPTV MiddlewareInaris Logo
Modular, high portable middleware solution. Teletext and Subtitle Decoders stand-alone.

HbbTV SolutionHbbTV Solution
Browser-agnostic, middleware-independent HbbTV solution incl. DSM-CC carousel receiver.

DiVi Tools - DVB / VBI TestingDiVi Tools
Tools for testing with, and analysis of
DVB transport streams.

Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard - GUI ToolEmbedded Wizard
GUI development tool for embedded systems allowing cross-platform development.

Embedded GUI Services

Embedded GUI ServicesGUI Services
We offer user centered design, usability engineering as well as GUI development.

Success Stories

development of the LOEWE TV frontend

Frontend development

Set-top box for people with hearing impairments

Set-top box for people with hearing impairments

Inaris DVB Server on Smart Home Services Gateway

Inaris DVB Server on Smart Home Services Gateway

Upcoming Events

Meet TARA SYstems at IBC 2015

TARA Systems at IBC 2015
Amsterdam, September 11-15, 2015

Current Research Projects

Global ITV Logo

EU – Brazilian strategic partnership to develop a
globally interoperable iTV platform

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