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Android UPnP client playing DVB content

Inaris DVB Server on Smart Home Services Gateway

HbbTV in IPTV Networks
Enabling HbbTV in a T-Home Network


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August 2014: Manuel Melic gave a lecture at Lokalrundfunktage 2014 in Nuremberg about the technical status quo and outlook of HbbTV.
July 2014: Mentor has integrated our UI tool Embedded Wizard to work with their Nucleus embedded real-time OS.
June 2014: The project's goal is to lay the foundation for a global interoperable TV platform which covers integrated broadcast and broadband services.


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Inaris DVB / IPTV Middleware
Inaris Logo
Modular, high portable middleware solution.
Teletext and Subtitle Decoders stand-alone.


HbbTV SolutionHbbTV Solution
Browser-agnostic, middleware-independent HbbTV solution incl. DSM-CC carousel receiver.


GUI Services
tl_files/content/user_interfaces/images/gui_services_logo_green.pngWe offer user centered design, usability engineering as well as GUI development.


Embedded Wizard - GUI ToolEmbedded Wizard
GUI development tool for embedded systems allowing cross-platform development.


DiVi Tools - DVB / VBI TestingDiVi Tools
Tools for testing with, and analysis of
DVB transport streams.