TV User Interfaces for Android and iOS

Along with the development of new SAT>IP applications for Android TV and Apple TV devices, we used the latest native SDKs provided by Google and Apple for these devices to implement the application user interface.

Android TV Application based on Leanback Library

May 2016

Studying the features and limits of the native Android user interface technology, we implemented a TV application for Android TV based on Googles Leanback library. Following the design guides of Google, an Application can be developed straight forward getting benefit of a standard approach for navigation, presentation and interaction with the launcher. But leaving the standards and moving to a custom design and behaviour also means losing most of the leanback benefits and ends up in a fully custom development of most UI elements.

TV Application for AppleTV using the tvOS SDK

April 2016

Based on the new tvOS for Apple TV TARA Systems developed a distinct clean user interface application using the Inaris SAT>IP as middleware. It demonstrates the usage of the new Apple SDK which is based on common web based technologies combined with the common native UIKit.

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