Replay Guide Using Microservices

The Quickline UHD STB provides more than 200 TV channels and up to seven days of Replay TV. This is a huge amount of content and users need some guidance to find their desired TV shows.

With the Grid EPG and Google’s search functionality, the users are already able to find content using the broadcast time, the title or the name of an actor/actress.

We now introduced the Replay Guide, a new and advanced feature for finding content. This Replay Guide shows recommendations, lists the most-watched events, and allows filtering for categories (like sports, movies, series) and genre.

We realised the Replay Guide as a highly responsive end-to-end solution. On the backend, a microservice is running (see below) which collects and prepares all data. Whereas the UHD set-top box accesses the microservice and presents the Replay Guide to its users.