Cooperation with SES PS: Pay-TV Content via SAT>IP

SES PS cooperates with TARA Systems to enable Multiscreen scenarios for pay-TV content via SAT>IP. SES PS will include our extended SAT>IP stack – consisting of a SAT>IP server and a SAT>IP client software – in its Media Toolbox, which was already presented at the IBC 2015.

The end user benefits from the SAT>IP technology in the sense that the satellite signal can be distributed without a dedicated coaxial cable but easily over the home network to a variety of IP-enabled devices (tablets, smart phones, IP speakers) – and also for Pay TV. For this our SAT>IP stack was extended for the transcryption of services from standard DVB Conditional Access (CA) towards common Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies.

In addition, both the video and audio transcoding service will be able to be initiated by the client (client-driven transcoding) and not as previously by the server. In this way, the client can request a specific codec or a specific bit rate for the media stream and thus optimally adapt these to local conditions and its capabilities.

The extensions referred to are defined in the additional specification “SAT>IP Operator Extensions” of SES PS, which are to be introduced into the SAT>IP Alliance. For this specification TARA Systems also contributes within the reference implementation of the expanded SAT>IP software stacks.

The SAT>IP software was implemented by TARA Systems Quality Standard in modular architecture (for better testing and maintainability) and it is middleware agnostic and platform independent. This ensures that the TARA Systems’ SAT>IP solution can be integrated in a simple manner in existing STB software – and this can be done across platforms.