Inaris HbbTV on Android TV at Medientage Munich

At Medientage 2017 in Munich, we demonstrated our Inaris HbbTV Solution running on AndroidTV including support for the HbbTV Application Discovery over Broadband (ADB) standard.

Signalisation of HbbTV applications always relies on the network which is used to transmit the broadcast signal. If a network does not allow proper signalisation of HbbTV, users experience a lack of HbbTV functionality on their devices.

To overcome this gap, the HbbTV Association specified the standard Application Discovery over Broadband (ADB) which enables terminals to load the correct HbbTV applications even if the signalisation is not available.
We have now extended our Inaris HbbTV Solution to support the ADB standard and present a prototype based on Android TV and Chromium on Medientage 2017 in Munich. Please have a look at our handout describing the showcase.