Inaris HLS Player Meets Ad Insertion Requirements for Switzerland

With the industry agreement “Gemeinsamer Tarif 12” (GT12), the fee for time-shifted TV (Replay TV) in Switzerland is regulated. This places new requirements on operators’ TV solutions and essentially comprises two models.

Premium customers can continue to use Replay TV as usual with the option to skip the linear advertisement. Alternatively, the user can select a less expensive model that blocks skipping advertisements of selected TV channels. In this case, an advertisement is shown in advance when the user starts a replay program. In addition, linear ads can be replaced with shortened, personalized commercials. In both scenarios, the dynamic advertisement is provided by an ad server and must be played before the program continues.

This results in demanding requirements for the HLS player. A seamless transition from advertising to content with frame-accurate positioning is crucial for a good user experience. We have extended our Inaris HLS Player to meet all these requirements.