HbbTV on Android TV

We will shortly introduce our HbbTV Solution also for Android TV. This includes the current HbbTV 1.5 Solution as well as the new components developed for HbbTV 2.0. Even further we will support HbbTV on Android TV as a general application development platform with standardized interfaces as an extension to the Android TV Input Framework.

Android TV is finding its way into the European TV market and Android is furthermore well established on consumers’ side. Whereas HbbTV is a standard for all TV devices, it’s a logical step to combine these two technologies. All components of our Inaris Middleware as well as the components of our HbbTV Solution are based on a Hardware Abstraction Layer. This enables us to port our HbbTV Solution also on Android TV. This includes our already available HbbTV 1.5 solution as well as the new HbbTV 2.0 components that will be available by end of this year.

Beyond broadcast-related applications, HbbTV can also be used as a general application development platform. The current activity to extend HbbTV to be used for operator-specific applications even strengthens this usage. We will support HbbTV with these extensions on Android TV as a general application development platform based on standardised APIs, standalone or in combination with Android TV Input Framework