HbbTV Symposium 2019: HbbTV on DVB-I Services

hbbtv symposium 2019

The 8th HbbTV Symposium took place in November 2019 in Athens. We as TARA Systems were very happy to talk at this important annual meeting of the HbbTV Association about HbbTV on OTT services. Together with IRT, we demonstrated the world’s first DVB-I client prototype which is able to run HbbTV applications on top of the linear broadcast delivered via DVB-DASH.

The prototype was implemented based on our LiveOn TV Android application and our Inaris DVB/IPTV Solution including the Inaris HbbTV Solution. The DVB-I service list and streams were provided by IRT.

Please have a look at our latest video or download our flyer to get an impression of this immersive prototype implementation.