Launching and Enhancing the Ghana HD+ Decoder

Only half a year ago, SES launched their HD+ service in Ghana to deliver premium TV picture quality to Ghanaian households. We are contributing to this project by providing the major part of the software for the HD+ Decoder.

Today, we are looking back to an intensive and successful launch phase in December 2020 and the first months of maintenance and feature extensions. Since we started with the preparations for the launch, we are closely collaborating with the Ghana HD+ team to ensure a high-quality product.

Our role includes development and support: The team in Ghana informs us about the experience with the software in the field, submits requests on feature extensions and distributes updated software versions we have provided. Even though we have already received positive feedback on the user interface and user experience, we are always keen on improving and simplifying the look and feel of the HD+ Decoder. Looking at the core functionalities of the software, we already started to prepare major feature extensions which will be available later this year.

We are thankful to be part of such a great activity in Ghana and we are looking forward to the development of the next features and improvements of the Ghana HD+ Decoder.