Quickline Partnership on a New Level

In these times, TV consumption at home has significantly grown. This can also be seen in the increased sales of TV devices. The network operators register a stronger demand in their service offerings as well.

As Quickline’s technology partner, we do not only provide major software components for the Quickline UHD Android TV Set-Top Box. We also contribute to the support and maintenance of the overall TV experience. As a key component, we provide the player for DVB and OTT streaming as well as the communication of the TV set-top box with the backend servers which enables receiving the channel line-up, the EPG data, or supporting network PVR.

In close cooperation with Quickline, we monitor the user experience and analyze irregularities. With these results, we are able to improve the robustness of the client device and to provide feedback to narrow down incidents on the network and backend side. Disruptions during delivery or errors in the home network should remain unnoticed by the consumer.

For several months we were also involved in supporting the evolution of the backend server software. The focus here is on creating the conditions for a wider distribution of the Quickline TV. Various microservices have been implemented to reach this goal and to improve the user experience.

To further increase user satisfaction, more features are already in preparation. Examples are the enhanced in-app search or the bookmarking to allow the user to continue the playback of previously seen content, even across different devices.

More information about our contribution to the development and our role within this cooperation provides our success story of the Quickline UHD Android TV Set-Top Box.