OIPF for Android

OIPF – the standardized TV API used by HbbTV – can now also be used by Android Java applications to access our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware.

OIPF defines a well-established standard API providing TV functionality for HTML applications. The OIPF API is also used as TV API by HbbTV applications. Whereas originally this API is only defined for JavaScript and HTML, we created a Android Java binding and integrated it with our Inaris DVB/IPTV Middleware. With this OIPF for Android Framework feature-rich Java based Android TV applications can be built.

Our OIPF for Android Framework can be used in combination with Google’s TV Input Framework (TIF) to provide extended TV functionality. In addition it can also be used for Android devices not supporting TIF. With this approach Android TV applications can be created for Android TV devices using the additional features possible with TIF and at the same time can also be used for standard Android devices, like tablets.