Inaris Media Player Supports WebVTT Subtitles 

Accessibility of TV content is an important topic for TV device manufacturers and operators. One widely used approach to make content more accessible is subtitling. For HLS streams, WebVTT is the most commonly used subtitle standard. Therefore, handling WebVTT subtitles is an essential feature of any media player.

We have now extended our Inaris Media Player with our WebVTT subtitle decoder as part of the core functionality of the media player. The player does the complete rendering of the subtitles and synchronisation with the audio/video stream. A display interface allows the integrator to use the WebVTT decoder with any graphics API easily. With our Inaris Media Player for HLS and the integrated WebVTT subtitle solution, we offer a comprehensive OTT player for Linux and Android-based platforms.

Picture source: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker