Quickline Launches Ad Insertion and Replay Premium 

Since October 4, Quickline has implemented the industry agreement GT12 (Gemeinsamer Tarif 12), which also entails introducing a new form of ad insertion throughout the industry. As part of the new agreement, time-shifted television (Replay TV) will have additional advertising to compensate broadcasters.

Users will be shown dynamic commercial breaks that cannot be skipped. A server provides replay advertising. After playing the inserted commercials, the content is to be continued seamlessly.

We aspire to guarantee a seamless transition from advertising to content with frame-accurate positioning, and we have adapted our Inaris HLS Player to the new requirements.

To improve the user experience, Quickline offers their customers the upgrade package “Replay Premium“. With this, the user can still skip advertising on all channels. Furthermore, using time markers makes it possible to jump directly to the end of the ad and continue watching the desired content. In this way, users can even benefit from the new regulations on Replay TV.