TARA Systems Receives VdS 10005 Information and Data Security Attestation

Implementing state-of-the-art software and providing outstanding services to our customers is the key to the success of the TARA team. However, each team needs a modern and suitable IT infrastructure. At TARA, we have always kept things in our hands; thus, we host our servers and maintain data locally. As the data we are working with is often confidential information or sensitive source code of ourselves or our customers, we prioritize the security and reliability of our infrastructure. TARA’s IT security was already successfully audited by many of our customers in the past.

However, IT security is a field where you must be foresighted to handle upcoming threats at any time. Thus, we decided to lift our security concept even higher. We introduced high-availability mechanisms for our servers, regular checks on the infrastructure using vulnerability assessment systems, and many more. Finally, we made the improvements measurable by performing the attestation process of VdS 10005, an industry-approved IT security standard suited for small and medium-sized companies. This attestation has been passed successfully and confirms TARA to maintain a reliable and secure infrastructure. Also, it affirms that TARA has the necessary security processes and data protection in place, which our customers trust.

Click here to see our security certificate for the VdS 10005 audit.