Inaris on Broadcom-Based Set-Top Box with Android TV 12

Android 12 brings a wealth of enhancements to elevate the TV experience, including media playback optimizations, improved HDMI support, sophisticated UI capabilities, and strengthened privacy and security measures. In particular, the dynamic switching of the refresh rate promises a significant improvement for smooth media playback with different frame rates of content.

Our Inaris DVB/IPTV solution will gain from these extended features. We’re currently porting Inaris to Android TV 12 on a Broadcom-based platform. Inaris facilitates free and encrypted TV content playback from DVB, IPTV, and OTT streaming, complete with popular features like Teletext and Subtitles. Emphasis is on a high-performance solution with swift channel-switching times, further optimized by multi-tuner support for DVB.

More information about our Inaris solution on Android TV can be found here.